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Sun Ray - Thomas Milovac Sextet (2022)

Track Listing:

1. 10721 03:08

2. Sun Ray 11:20

3. Still Moments 10:10

4. Six Angles 05:27

5. Quasar 06:29

6. Black Mask 04:14

7. King Porter Stomp 08:34

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Percussion
Justin Mendez - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax
Ryan Devlin - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax
Shawn Villanueva - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Zach Muth - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Eric Bailey - Drums

Autumn Paul - Bells on "Quasar"
Jack Miller - Percussion on "Black Mask"

Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Jack Miller

Recorded on May 29th, 2021 at Jack Miller's home studio in Jacksonville, Florida.

"Sun Ray" is bassist and composer Thomas Milovac's debut studio album. Flying through the musical cosmos, the Thomas Milovac Sextet visits the many worlds of the composer's mind. Varying styles, textural landscapes, driving swing, and improvisational communions bring the listener in on this sonic odyssey. We implore you to strap in for the ride.

All compositions by Thomas Milovac except for "King Porter Stomp" which was composed by Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton.

Composer Ben Shorstein wrote about “Sun Ray”:

“Thomas Milovac is an alchemist. I’m fascinated by his masterful combination of elements - textures, instrumentation, composition, structure, free improvisation, structured improvisation, dissonance, harmony, dynamics, space. He uses these aural elements as a visual artist uses the physical to create a unified and harmonious whole; each piece is greater than the sum of its parts. Milovac’s music lives within this sublime contrast of aspects. With this album, I feel pulled in different directions, my expectations continuously thwarted (in a good way). This wouldn’t be possible without the top-class musicians on the album. The absence of piano adds much, as the freed up space allows for greater sonic exploration. The title track, Sun Ray, is a great swingin’ tune, and I particularly enjoy the tasty trumpet solo, punctuated by the bass and drums. Still Moments is emotional wizardry, with beautiful ensemble textures especially from the horns and bowed bass. Quasar is a transcendent, hypnotic exploration of texture and extended techniques of the bass, accompanied by bells. Black Mask is a lovely piece with unique structure, reminiscent of a Duke Ellington ballad, with a Milovacian twist. As an album, this is thoughtfully designed, balanced, and artfully executed creative music.”

Cosmo Sonic Collective 006


Four Solos (2021)

Track Listing:


1. Omega is the Alpha 15:39

2. For Pasolini 07:15

3. Soundtrack to "Nine" 02:12

4. straighway the silver bird looked grave 07:52

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass, Drum Machine (tracks 2 and 4), Hammond Organ (track 3)

Bassist and composer Thomas Milovac presents a collection of new live solo improvisations including two explorations for double bass and drum machine, an interpretation of an Albert Ayler classic, and the soundtrack to the Andre Gruber animated short film "Nine" featuring Milovac on the Hammond organ.

Recorded in Orlando, FL 2020

"Omega is the Alpha" is an original composition by Albert Ayler.

Cosmo Sonic Collective 002


Dreamscapes - Thomas Milovac Trio (2020)

Track Listing:


1. Three Dreamers 11:28

2. Dreamscapes 07:23

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass, Clarinet, Compositions
Syoma Klochko - Percussion, Accordion, Lyre
Evan Ruffino - Electric Guitar, Alto Sax

Recorded live at the Gruber residence in Jacksonville, Florida on December 20th, 2019.


Magnolia - Thomas Milovac Quartet (2018)

Track Listing:


1. Amavasya 05:25

2. R.D.O.C 07:39

3. Orange Blossom / The Call 09:00

4. Sun Ray 06:08

5. Magnolia 08:25

6. Mandala 09:23

7. Interplanetary Music 08:02

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass, Compositions
Danny Stagnitta - Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo
Chris Barber - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet
Harley Galeano - Drums
Zach Muth - Guitar (tracks no.3 & no.7)
Syoma Klochko - Guitar (track no.6)

Recorded live at the Gallery at Avalon Island in Orlando, FL. July 12th, 2018.



Time Alive - Thomas Milovac Quartet (2018)

Track Listing:


1. Amavasya 08:14

2. Study No. 2 04:34

3. Sun Ray 07:49

4. Study No. 4 04:11

5. Invocation / Ghosts 09:03

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass
Danny Stagnitta - Alto Saxophone, Piccolo, Bb Clarinet
Chris Barber - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Harley Galeano - Drums, Percussion



Continuum - Thomas Milovac Unit Colossus (2017)

Track Listing:

1. I 27:07

2. II 27:57

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass, Conduction
A.J Herring - Trombone
Andrew Toth - Trumpet
Curtis Seligson - Bass Guitar
Luis Guerrero - Guitar
Zach Muth - Guitar
Elizabeth Baker - Percussion, Harmonium, Toy Piano
Jim Ivy - Alto Saxophone
Erich Barganier - Guitar
Syoma Klochko - Guitar
Sam Stewart - Bass Guitar
Brandon Miller - Double Bass
Sebastian Suarez - Drum Set, Percussion

Recorded live at the Gallery at Avalon Island in Orlando, Florida. June, 19th 2017.


Interplay no. 1 - Thomas Milovac Unit Colossus (2017)

Track Listing:

1. Interplay No.1 25:58

Thomas Milovac - Double Bass / Conduction
Syoman Klochko - Guitar

Sean Hamilton - Percussion
Jamison Williams - Soprano Sax
Alex Ravitz - Bass Clarinet
Chris Barber - Tenor Saxophone
Jim Ivy - Alto Saxophone
Andrew Toth - Trumpet
A.J Herring - Trombone
Zach Muth - Tuba / Guitar

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Live at Will's - Bongus (2021)

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Bigg Mo's Kitchen - Bongus (2018)

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International House of Bongus - Bongus (2018)

not well versed in marine biology - Thomas Milovac & IHTKWTSBTID (2020)

09/22/2020 - Ron Dahl, IHTKWTSBTID, and Thomas Milovac (2020)

Information Gladly Given/ Safety Requires Avoiding Unnecessary Conversation - Thomas Milovac and Jonas van Den Bossche (2020)

Crux - Crux (2016)

EP No. 3 - Backdoor Stompers (2020)


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