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"For as long as I have been making music, I have also been creating visual art. The two have always influenced and informed one another in my creative process."

Below are a sample of pieces I have created over the past few years.
"ergo sum" and "tu es", oil on canvas, 2022
"New Breed", oil on canvas, 2022
"Dreamers", acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2019
"Among the Limbs", acyrlic on canvas, 2021
Two untitled works on paper, 2022
"Hillcrest off Mills 50", acrylic on canvas, 2021
"Concord Synthesis", acrylic on canvas, 2021
"Untitled", acrylic on canvas, 2019
"New Movements", oil on canvas, 2021
"For Fela Kuti", acrylic on canvas, 2018
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